Blaria Podcast Episode Seventeen: Jason Good

jason good

Comedian and writer Jason Good.

Happy Valentine’s Day, #TeamBlaria. I don’t have enough money to give each and every one of you some chocolate, so I’m giving y’all a brand new episode of Blaria Podcast. And even though I’m in San Francisco, I woke up earls to deliver this shiz to you early afternoon east coast time. So you can never say I don’t do anything nice for you! :-). Anyway, today’s guest is comedian and writer Jason Good, who, little known fact, was the inspiration for this whole Blaria thang. So you definitely should show your gratitude by listening our convo. Check it out after the jump!


Holla, holla! Here’s the latest epi of the Blaria Podcast. Today, I’m chatting with Jason Good, who is a comedian, but as of recent years, has turned his focus towards writing; first with his blogย Jason Good – 365, in which he had a write a blog every day for a year. Mind you, he’s a stay at home dad of two and he still churned out quality work about his life and parenthood everyday, which by the end of year-long experiment landed him a children’s book deal. Talk about hustle, y’all! Not only that, he’s also busy writing scripts in the hopes of getting a TV show on the air and is in the process of writing a memoir. All this work definitely leaves less time to do stand up, but he still managed to stand up appearances on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and, most recently, Nick Mom’s NickMom Night Out. Whew, okay I’m hella tired just writing all this. Luckily for me, Jason wasn’t too tired to meet me in Manhattan and chat about comedy, freelance writing, parenthood, and other fun stuff. Hope you guys enjoy our convo!

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