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#TeamBlaria, as most of you know, my writing has also been featured in sources. Hooray! Below, you can check out the links to my other ish by clicking on the pictures. Thanks for the support! Love you. Mean it.


  Glamzies is my home base for freelance writing. I mostly write about pop culture stuff, with my Scandal recaps serving as my piece de resistances. I know PDRs are supposed to be singular, but don’t make me choose, OK?! Anyhoo, click on the pic to read e’erything Glamour-related.


bitch media Happy to be a contributor to this magazine because while Glamour is funBitch allows me to write articles that are of more substance and are closer to the tone of Blaria i.e. race and gender issues. Yay! So click on the pic to read e’erything Bitch-related.


 I’m beyond happy to be a contributor for them because I used to work there as an administrative assistant (and tried to write for them, but was mostly ignored). I quit to pursue comedy full time. Less than 9 months after I left, they asked me blog for them. Yay for happy endings! Click on the logo to peep my writing.


 I feel very fancy that they let me contribute to their website as they are highly revered. Bonus: they let me keep my signature outlandish Blaria style. So glad they get me. Don’t forget to click on the picture to read my stuff!


xoJane is loads of fun, they have a great readership, and it’s another platform for me to write about gender and race issues. Hoorah! Click on the picture to read all my goodies!


I just started writing for these cats and my article on Shondra Rhimes taking over Thursday night TV was on the homepage of the Entertainment section! Whoo-hoo! Hopefully, I’ll be writing even more stuff for the website.


Aah! I know! I’ve been asked to write a few op-eds for The New York Times’ “Room for Debate” segment. Pretty neat, dontcha think? Anyhoo, since I don’t have my own page established on the website, scroll down and you can read snippets of each op-ed and then there’s a link to read the whole darn thing on NYT‘s site. Fun!

4.10.13 The Song Did Unite Us…With Laughter

Here I was thinking that racism was as deliberate as me missing my friend’s birthday party to catch up on “Homeland,” but luckily, racism’s just a mistake like spilling wine or stubbing toes. At least, Brad Paisley and LL Cool J would have you believe that as they metaphorically put their feet between two slices of ciabatta and and then insert that foot sandwich—or Starbucks panini, as it were–into their mouths via their new song “Accidental Racist…” [CON’T]

4.25.2012 Break the Stereotypes

Since its premiere, “Girls” has dominated pop culture conversation like the smell of incense from a bootlegger selling DVDs in the subway. Critics hailed the show as “groundbreaking” and “revolutionary” while the public has been divided over race and class. The show, set in Brooklyn, has an all-white cast when Brooklyn is only one-third white. In an interview, Lena Dunham (creator, writer, actor and showrunner) said that this was an “accident.” [CON’T]

2.23.2012 Always a Bridesmaid

If “Bridesmaids” had been profiled James Lipton style, I predict that a statement like the following would have come to pass: “Oh, I see. I make you laugh until your stomach hurts, and you’ll quote me in conversations, yet you’re giving me the old Beyoncé ‘to the left, to the left’ instead of a best picture nomination?” [CON’T]


I was a Joke A Week. Yay! Click on the image to read my joke. It’s a naughty one.

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