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TimeOut NY Cover

TONY phoebe robinson cover story

TimeOut NY recently did a cover story on the top female comics in the city and I was featured! Very exciting stuff, especially because it’s my first ever cover, so hooray! Bonus point for my Blaria LIVE! co-host Jessica Williams being on the cover as well.

“She’s actively making her mark on the scene with a deceptively laid-back delivery that makes her acerbic takedowns of life’s absurdities all the more surprising and enjoyable.”

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The Girlfriend Intervention Parody

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams & I hit the street of NYC to help basic white women in this parody.
The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams & I hit the street of NYC to help basic white women in this parody.

Lifetime has an objectionable series out called Girlfriend Intervention whose tag line is, “Inside every white women is a strong black woman just waiting to bust out.” So four sassy black women travel the country, making over white women and perpetuating awful stereotypes. The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams and I did a parody of the show and got some great press coverage. Read clips below and click on the picture above to watch the video:

“The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams and comedian Phoebe Robinson prove how utterly absurd the entire show is…[and] hilariously try to help out “all the basic bitches who don’t have fairy black mothers to guide them” and I think we need to look into swapping this out with that garbage on Lifetime immediately.”

 ~ Jezebel

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“Ridiculous, stereotype-filled new Lifetime show “Girlfriend Intervention” receives hilarious mockery.”

~ Someecards

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“This brilliant spoof of “Girlfriend Intervention” is everything…Stand-up comedian Phoebe Robinson and her friend Jessica Williams from “The Daily Show” decided to replicate “Girlfriend Intervention” on real-life New York City streets, and the results are every bit as amazing as you think.”

~ The Frisky

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Actually, I would love an intervention by these cheeky hosts who ask unsuspecting Whole Foods shoppers to wear headphones “like a black girl” and deliver their congratulations for lifestyle improvement with a bottle of cocoa butter. Not because I especially love cocoa butter, but because advice from them would be golden: they are doing what they love and making the world a better place by doing it.

~ Bust

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“She has a skill for mixing politically charged subjects into relatable personal material, like her excitement that her child could one day be a civil-rights hero. “If I have a daughter and she grows up to be an astronaut, she’s gonna end up on a Black History Month stamp.”

~ Vulture

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“Phoebe Robinson is building her comedy empire under the moniker Blaria aka Black Daria, a blog that spawned a podcast and a live monthly show, which she co-hosts with The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams. Her insightful stand-up is a perfectly balanced mix of the personal and the political.”

~ Flavorpill

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“I’m a relatively recent fan of Phoebe Robinson’s. I’m ashamed of this. She is brilliant and able to critique some really complex concepts in a sentence or two. Bask in it, people.”

~ Serial Optimist

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“A writer for MTV’s Girl Code, she’s also the mastermind behind Blaria, a blog whose title is a portmanteau for — you guessed it — Black Daria. Not one to shy away from politics, Robinson’s a must-follow for her mix of comedy and shrewd analysis, but most importantly, she’s the genius in charge of Glamour‘s weekly Pretty Little Liars recaps.”

~ Flavorwire

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“In my opinion, her deconstruction of Girls was smart, real, and one of the best articulations of the show’s “race issue.” Robinson is proof that you don’t have to compromise your mind or your morals to get big laughs.”

~ Jane Dough

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“One of Phoebe’s strengths is her consistent integrity, her comedy comes from a deep sense of self and a long-time observance of her many projects reads like very funny journal.”

~ Courting Journal

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“Let me first tell you that Phoebe Robinson’s website,, is a genius hybrid of seeing the world through the eyes of BLARIA (BLACK DARIA)!”

~ After Ellen

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